Know About Scooter Towing Panorama City

Sometimes, you get stuck in the middle of the road with a faulty car and none of your learned tricks works. In the worst cases, even the mechanics fail to fix the issue on the spot and the only option that stays open for you is to tow your car to the nearest garage. It’s not at all difficult to tow your car as all you need to do is to call up car towing Panorama City service provider who offers such a service.

However, BMW towing in Panorama City has to be carried out very carefully; otherwise it could prove to be dangerous. Even a slight mistake can cost you big and sometimes may even hurt others on the road. You should make sure that all the doors are locked properly and the connection between the two vehicles has been made firmly. Moreover, make sure that your vehicle is not towed at a speed more than 20km per hour. And, the vehicle used to tow your car should be at least 750 pounds heavier than the car that is being towed.

Flatbed towing

Flatbed towing is one of the safest methods of towing a car. Here, a flatbed trailer is used to transport the car. The car is loaded onto the trailer that is hooked up to the towing vehicle. Flatbed towing is a common thing to see on the road as the majority of the people prefer this type of towing service. Not even a single part of the car comes in contact with the road when it’s being towed this way and hence the chances for your car to get damaged are at the bare minimum.

Two-wheeler car towing

This method tows your car with two wheels off the ground. Using ramps and slots, the front wheels are lifted and hooked up to the towing vehicle, while the back wheels still stay in contact with the road. Since the back wheels are not connected to the driving shaft, they would not have any problems in spinning. Though this method is the cheapest option available for scooter towing Panorama City, it has a few disadvantages. Since the back wheels spin freely on the road, the tires get worn out too soon. Therefore, this method is not apt for towing your vehicle a long distance. On the other hand, if you just want to tow your car a few miles, this option is perfect. The towing vehicle would have less control on your car when compared to the flatbed towing option.

Flat towing with two bars

The connection made in this method of towing of a car is almost similar to the two-wheeler towing. The only difference here is that instead of scooter towing Panorama City, all the four wheels come in contact with the road while the car is being towed. Here, trailers are not used like in flatbed towing.